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    Why Insurance Costs are on the Rise!

    No one likes to open their car insurance bill to see that their premium has increased, especially if they haven’t had any accidents or claims. While rate increases can occur for reasons specific to an individual driver, currently there are a number of factors leading to increased car insurance costs for drivers across the country, regardless of insurance provider. Click Here For Full Information Sheet.

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    Katy Car Insurance Helps Control Unexpected Expenses

    Auto accidents in Katy, Texas can happen on a fairly regular basis. Certified Paralegals Community reports that as many as 6 million car accidents happen per year. Sometimes, these accidents happen through no fault of our own. Unexpected car repairs can be expensive, but people who have Katy car insurance are less likely to feel the financial stress of getting their vehicle repaired. Insurance works to help control unexpected expenses. Because there are many different types of auto insurance policies, you can find one that covers the majority of Houston auto glass and auto body damage you are likely to […]

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    The Best Type Of Car To Buy For A Teenage Driver

    Now that your Katy, Texas teen has completed drivers ed, passed their Texas licensing exam and received their driver’s license, it is time to start thinking about buying another car. Sure, you could share the family vehicle with your teen, but that gets old fast. If you are in a position to buy a car for your kid, keep your Katy auto insurance agent in the loop. They can quickly provide quotes for the various vehicles you are considering. In the meantime, study up on a few things to keep in mind when buying a car for your teenage driver. […]

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    Is Your Katy Auto Insurance Providing the Coverage You Need?

    If it has been a while since you reviewed the quality of your Katy car insurance, it is time to look things over again. Over time, laws regarding auto insurance change. Available coverage options do too. What worked for you a while ago may be insufficient now. Before visiting a Katy auto insurance provider, do a little research yourself. Familiarize yourself with the terms of your existing policy, and brush up on minimum auto insurance coverage requirements in the state of Texas. Without doing this from time to time, you could inadvertently run afoul of the law, or you could […]

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    How Traffic Accidents Affect Our Economy

    In Katy, Texas we are reminded about how many people have died in motor vehicle accidents within our state by local TV broadcasters. At the end of the year, we get national figures tallied by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The numbers are not pretty. They are stark evidence that no matter how safe a driver you might be, it is more important than ever to have enough Katy car insurance. Although the fatalities are tragic, there is a hidden side to motor vehicle accidents that many people do not even consider. That is the economic impact of […]

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    Safer Driving Tips

    Although modern automotive designs and features have significantly improved vehicle safety, people must still practice safe driving techniques to avoid accidents and other mishaps while on the road. Consider the following driving tips from your Katy auto insurance representatives for staying safe on your next road trip. Plan the Trip Pre-plan your trip so that you can identify rest stops and gas stations along the route. Share your intended route and itinerary with friends and family in the event that you experience problems while on the road. Even if you plan to use a GPS device, ensure that you have […]

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    Safer Driving With A Properly Cleaned Windshield

    Many Texas drivers overlook their windows when they think about how to make their cars safer, but the simple fact is that clean windows reduce glare and give you a better view of the road and traffic conditions. Katy auto insurance providers recommend that you regularly clean all the glass in your car. You will be surprised by how good your car looks when it is waxed, polished and the windows are crystal clear. It does not take very long to detail your car’s windows, and the extra effort could save your life. The Right Techniques and Products Make the […]

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    New Technologies Ensure Greater Safety for Auto Drivers

    The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced that it will begin drafting new regulations aimed at increasing the intercommunication between vehicles on America’s streets and highways. Unlike individual vehicle sensors, these systems use radio wave technologies to relay signals between vehicles within a certain radius. The information transmitted in this way can allow rapid computerized responses to reduce the risk of collisions and to provide automatic braking when required to protect drivers, passengers and automobiles from harm. Many Katy auto insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles with integrated safety features. These new technologies could further reduce the […]

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    Car Insurance Regulations in Katy, Texas

    As a Texas driver, you must meet state regulations to avoid penalties and possibly losing your license. Katy car insurance agents have you covered with policies that comply with auto insurance requirements in Texas. At-Fault Insurance State Texas is among the majority of states that have an “at-fault” auto accident philosophy. This means that when an accident occurs, the driver at fault is responsible for damages. Law enforcement and your car insurance company determine who caused the accident and therefore which party’s insurance will pay. The Minimum Insurance Texas Requires Liability insurance pays for the accidents you cause. All drivers […]

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    Getting the Most Out of Your Katy Auto Insurance Policy

    With a little extra effort, Katy auto insurance customers can cut premiums and maximize the benefits of their policies. You might easily save over $200 by making a few phone calls or changing your driving habits. The appropriate steps vary depending on your current insurer, car model, age and other factors. Making Adjustments Consider fine-tuning your auto coverage, especially if you got your insurance policy for a used car. Different types of policies are suitable for older vehicles. You can reduce premiums by dropping comprehensive coverage or raising your deductible. Another option is to buy a low-cost classic car policy […]