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    How to Start a Home-Based Business: The Ultimate Guide

    Have you dreamed of — or even dabbled in — starting a home-based business? Maybe you love the idea of working from home but haven’t yet taken action to officially set up your company. If you’re looking for a road map to making your dream a reality, this guide will walk you through a basic process and considerations for setting up a business from your home. You’ll also get answers to common questions about the nuts and bolts of operating a home-based business — as well as guidance on where to find answers to any questions specific to your own […]

  • Small Business Story


    Small Business Story: Charlotte Mobile Makery

    Shannon Hale and Jess Murphy recently left their jobs and started a small business together. Was it a difficult decision?“It was the worst decision I ever made,” Jess told me.OK … just kidding. She never said that. In fact, Jess said something very different. “Best decision ever,” she actually said. “Shannon and I work so well together and we’re having so much fun.” The two friends, who both knew each other from working together at a local nonprofit, decided to start Charlotte Mobile Makery — a unique company that brings individual and group craft-making activities, products, and services to private events like […]

  • Does an Extended Warranty Make Sense


    When Does Buying an Extended Auto Warranty Make Sense?

    When purchasing a car, consumers are faced with all kinds of decisions. Buying or forgoing an extended auto warranty is one of those decisions. As with many other options offered by auto dealers, car owners have a tough time deciding whether they should purchase the extended warranty or not, mostly because it is an investment that they cannot be sure will pay dividends right away or even further down the road. An extended auto warranty is basically a service contract that dealerships offer to car buyers, intended to cover repair costs for a given period of time after the manufacturer’s […]

  • Katy Car Driver


    Why Insurance Costs are on the Rise!

    No one likes to open their car insurance bill to see that their premium has increased, especially if they haven’t had any accidents or claims. While rate increases can occur for reasons specific to an individual driver, currently there are a number of factors leading to increased car insurance costs for drivers across the country, regardless of insurance provider. Click Here For Full Information Sheet.

  • Online Reputation


    Managing Your Online Reputation: Why It’s Important and How to Protect Yourself and Your Small Business

    Your business’s good reputation is one of its greatest assets. It differentiates you from the competition, and customers will pay a premium to do business with a reliable company they can trust. In the past, a business’s reputation was established over time by word of mouth. Today, thanks to the Internet, reputations can quickly rise and fall based on online commentary instantly accessible to a wide audience. A great review can bring a welcome flood of business. A bad appraisal can do your business harm. Defamatory statements, whether written or posted online, may be considered libel in a court of […]

  • Commercial Property and Insurance


    What You Need to Know Before You Lease Commercial Property for Your Small Business

    Renting space for your small business involves more than finding the perfect location at a price you can afford. Why? You’ll also need to sign a lease, a complex document that typically favors the landlord—and your success can hinge on its provisions. But the terms of a lease are usually flexible, and with a little know-how, you can negotiate terms that work for both yourself and landlord. Things to Know Before You Negotiate Your Commercial Property Lease These are key areas to consider before you sign on the dotted line. Square Footage Most commercial leases are quoted on a Rentable […]

  • Home Insurance and Security Peace of Mind


    9 Home Security Tips

    Did you know that a burglary happens every 20 seconds in the U.S., according to the FBI? Your home is one of your most valuable possessions, along with everything inside. It is a place you want to feel safe and secure from the potential dangers of the outside world. Employing and engaging in some basic best practices around home security is the first step to help create a secure environment for your loved ones and family. Consider these tips to help keep you and your family, and your possessions, safe and secure. Landscape with safety in mind. As you walk around your […]

  • Electrical Safety - Katy Texas


    Electrical Safety in your Home

    Electrical safety involving outlets, plugs and extension cords is one of the most important home safety issues. U.S. fire departments respond to an average of 47,820 structure fires a year involving an electrical fire or malfunction, but there are steps that homeowners and tenants can take to help prevent electrical fires. From tamper-resistant receptacles to GFCI (Ground Fault Current Interrupter) outlets, there are now safer electrical options that you might want to consider including in your home. The following are some safety tips for you to consider when using electrical outlets, electrical cords and extension cords. Outlet Safety Tips Homes […]

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    Can You Afford to Replace Your Home?

    If you woke up tomorrow and learned a major storm was barreling your way, would you be ready? Not “grab the flashlight and emergency preparedness kit” kind of ready, though that’s certainly important. We’re talking about being able to replace your home should a storm, or other disaster, leave it heavily damaged or in ruins. Although admittedly not the most exciting activity on anyone’s to-do list, taking time now to understand exactly what your homeowners policy does and doesn’t cover could save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, let’s say your house was insured for […]

  • Vacation Home Insurance


    5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Vacation Home

    What if you knew of the perfect cozy retreat by the sea, in the mountains, or out in the wilderness, where you could clear your head and be one with nature? What if you didn’t just know about it, but you owned it? According to USA Today, the perks of having a vacation home seem clear: Taking vacations can increase workplace productivity and has numerous physiological benefits, like lowering blood pressure, slimming waistlines, and reducing depression. And investing in another home has the potential to generate returns on your money, which might sound particularly attractive in the current market conditions. That said, there are a number […]