Getting the Most Out of Your Katy Auto Insurance Policy

With a little extra effort, Katy auto insurance customers can cut premiums and maximize the benefits of their policies. You might easily save over $200 by making a few phone calls or changing your driving habits. The appropriate steps vary depending on your current insurer, car model, age and other factors.

Making Adjustments

Consider fine-tuning your auto coverage, especially if you got your insurance policy for a used car. Different types of policies are suitable for older vehicles. You can reduce premiums by dropping comprehensive coverage or raising your deductible. Another option is to buy a low-cost classic car policy for a vintage auto that you seldom drive.

Switching Insurers

If you own a house or multiple vehicles, try purchasing all of your coverage from the same company. Bundles often yield substantial savings, especially for motorists in Southern states. The Daily Republic reports that Texans cut their yearly premiums by an average of $435 when they combine their Katy car insurance and home owners insurance.

Remember to periodically request quotes from various insurers. You may find a company that has reduced its rates and currently charges less than your provider. However, it is best to avoid unreliable firms with poor customer service. The Texas Department of Insurance supplies online insurer profiles that include facts on complaints and fines.

Safety and Security

Insurers will lower your rates if you avoid accidents and take measures to boost safety. Always drive carefully and leave extra time to reach your destination. If your record contains multiple traffic violations, consider attending a defensive driving course. You may also cut premiums by selecting a safety rated vehicle when you replace your car.

Greater security prevents crime and results in lower insurance rates. You can save money in the long run by obtaining extra anti-theft equipment, such as a tracking system or security alarm. Do not forget to notify your insurance company after you install it. An alternative is to choose a car model that thieves rarely target.

Credit Concerns

Although it may seem unfair, many auto insurers charge higher premiums when customers have poor credit scores. Your borrowing record might contain inaccurate data that affects your rates. Be sure to request a free report every year and inspect it for errors. When you find mistakes, ask the relevant credit bureau or creditor to correct them.

Popular Discounts

Your car insurance company may provide a discount if you drive relatively few miles. This benefits the insurer by reducing the risk of an accident. It also cuts your fuel and maintenance costs. Try to schedule trips in a way that gives you enough time to perform several tasks. Consider riding buses or walking to some destinations as well.

The low-mileage discount is only one of many premium reductions that motorists can request. For example, some insurers will charge less if you settle the yearly bill with a single on-time payment. Others give you a discount when you are over 50 or retired. Young drivers may save cash by earning high grades in school.

Free Bonuses

Some people mistakenly pay for things that they could get for free. Do not overlook your policy’s complimentary service package. Many agencies include roadside assistance, pet accident insurance or limited medical coverage. An insurer may also pay for a car rental while you wait for the repair shop to fix your vehicle.

The Katy auto insurance market has become quite competitive. Most drivers can easily name at least five companies that provide coverage in Texas. To succeed, each agency must strive to offer the lowest rates and the best services. Motorists can benefit from this situation by setting aside time to evaluate all of their options.


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