Car Insurance Regulations in Katy, Texas

As a Texas driver, you must meet state regulations to avoid penalties and possibly losing your license. Katy car insurance agents have you covered with policies that comply with auto insurance requirements in Texas.

At-Fault Insurance State

Texas is among the majority of states that have an “at-fault” auto accident philosophy. This means that when an accident occurs, the driver at fault is responsible for damages. Law enforcement and your car insurance company determine who caused the accident and therefore which party’s insurance will pay.

The Minimum Insurance Texas Requires

Liability insurance pays for the accidents you cause. All drivers licensed in the state of Texas must meet liability minimums that would cover these costs. The basic 30/60/25 formula provides:

  • $30K per person to cover physical injuries
  • $60K per accident to cover injuries of two or more people
  • $25K per incident for damaged property

This basic auto insurance coverage is barely adequate in many cases, and most drivers elect to purchase more in case of serious accidents. In addition, liability coverage does not compensate the at-fault driver for personal vehicle damage or medical care. Make sure you have full-circle protection by adding collision and comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy.

The Consequences of Non-Compliance with Texas Auto Insurance Laws

Once you purchase your policy, you will receive a card or document that verifies you are insured and provides your insurance company information. It is critical that you have this available at all times in your car because the law requires you to produce it when:

  • A police officer pulls you over in a traffic stop
  • You register your vehicle or renew your registration
  • You take your driver’s license test or renew your license
  • You take your car for an inspection
  • You are involved in a traffic accident

If you fail to purchase at least the 30/60/25 liability insurance in accordance with Texas law, you face penalties. The first time you cannot produce proof of insurance upon request, the fine is $175 to $350. Thereafter, the fine goes up to between $350 and $1,000. You also face the prospects of losing your driver’s license and having your car impounded. If you are uninsured, and you cause an accident in which a serious injury or fatality occurs, the maximum penalties are a fine of $4000 and a year’s incarceration. The other driver can sue you for damages too.

Texas Auto Insurance Checklist

When working with your Katy car insurance agent on your policy, verify that the coverage and exclusions provide the protection you need. Look at:

  • Who has coverage? In most cases, only the individuals named on the policy are covered. If you have other family members you wish to insure, ask that their names be added to the paperwork.
  • Who is excluded? Check that no one is excluded from your policy that should not be.
  • Is business driving included? If you use your vehicle for your delivery job or other work, make sure that you are covered.
  • What are the policy basics? The top page of your policy should summarize the dollar amounts of your coverage and your deductibles – the amount you pay up front for damages before your insurance takes over.

Katy, Texas insurance firms provide policies that reflect the state’s requirements. Often, this is a standardized insurance package known as the Texas Personal Automobile Policy, which offers you several optional insurance products in addition to the minimum. In many cases, you will receive a discount by purchasing your home owners insurance coverage from the same provider. Speak with your agent about the right protections for you, your family and your driving practices.


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