• Does an Extended Warranty Make Sense


    When Does Buying an Extended Auto Warranty Make Sense?

    When purchasing a car, consumers are faced with all kinds of decisions. Buying or forgoing an extended auto warranty is one of those decisions. As with many other options offered by auto dealers, car owners have a tough time deciding whether they should purchase the extended warranty or not, mostly because it is an investment that they cannot be sure will pay dividends right away or even further down the road. An extended auto warranty is basically a service contract that dealerships offer to car buyers, intended to cover repair costs for a given period of time after the manufacturer’s […]

  • Electrical Safety - Katy Texas


    Electrical Safety in your Home

    Electrical safety involving outlets, plugs and extension cords is one of the most important home safety issues. U.S. fire departments respond to an average of 47,820 structure fires a year involving an electrical fire or malfunction, but there are steps that homeowners and tenants can take to help prevent electrical fires. From tamper-resistant receptacles to GFCI (Ground Fault Current Interrupter) outlets, there are now safer electrical options that you might want to consider including in your home. The following are some safety tips for you to consider when using electrical outlets, electrical cords and extension cords. Outlet Safety Tips Homes […]